Food And Nutrition Program


Health And Nutrition

School is like a second home to children and is why, we make sure their health prospers. In a survey conducted by us, we found shocking results as 60 to 70% of the kids were overweight and 2 out of 10 students underweight. A number of symptoms of health issues go unnoticed, especially in the case of a child. These health and nutrition issues are no longer limited to adults but have grown to be a huge concern for the children as well.

These health problems if ignored, start triggering psychological and social problems, which immensely affects a child’s performance at school. We have constituted our very own Health and Nutrition Program, which is dedicated to addressing these issues with a stronger strategy and is backed by strong analysis and assessments. We begin by tracking the health of a child through food diaries. In every school, we have measures for stamina, strength, body mass index, heart rate, skin colour monitoring for anemia etc.

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